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  1. Urgent assistance for medicaments for NBH

    Updated news regarding “medicaments for NBH” project here!

    The Ukrainian government pays 0.08 euros for medications per child per day. For 200 children, the budget per month is 500 euros, which is not nearly enough. Medications have become 5x more expensive since the crisis began 3 years ago, yet budget remained the same!


  2. Vika in Nuremberg

    Last weekend Tom Rudolf and Verena Bodmer visited Vika in Nuremberg. We can confirm that Vika is doing fine after 2 breast cancer operations and 30 radiation treatments.


  3. Art Therapy update

    Updated news 7.5.2017 regarding “Art Therapy” after second Art Therapies has graduated here!

    Almost six months have passed since the launching of the new art therapy rehabilitation program. It has become the most favorite occupation for all children at NBH. The project has overcome all, even the most optimistic prognoses and expectations. Children just love it. And the results are also incredible: the most “difficult” and closed children reveal their inner world, gain trust toward grown-ups. more

  4. More shoes for Zurupinsk boarding school

    At the end of 2016 ZuBS wrote us a letter with the request to help them again with shoes for children, which still remain one of the biggest problems for the boarding school.

    And again without any further hesitations our friend and sponsor Hanni decided to help. She bought 50 pairs of shoes and we sent them to Zurupinnsk.


  5. Nastya went to Kiev

    Updated news 18.03.2017 regarding Nastya here!

    Despite the difficult life and the terrible diagnosis, Nastya remains an angel, always smiling and incredibly friendly.


  6. Training course for NBH personel

    LAdS has always known that all the reconstructions and all the modern equipment without highly qualified personnel is absolutely useless. Only thanks to the training and high-quality work experience of doctors, therapists and nurses all rehabilitation programs are so successful and show such super impressive results. more

  7. Maxim traveled to Truskavetz

    For LAdS the children and their treatment remain the main priority. Whenever a new wish comes from the nursery school (NBH) to help a child, we try to fulfill it.

    At the end of 2016 we met Maxim. more

  8. Sasha has a Tumor

    Sasha is another child we met in 2016 and needs our help.


  9. Happy New Year 2017 !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2016 and hope it will continue in 2017!
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2017 full of spirit and energy.

    Bonne Année 2017 !!!
    Happy New Year 2017 !!!
    Glückliches Neues Jahr 2017 !!!
    С новым годом 2017 !!!
    Feliz año nuevo 2017 !!!
    Masaya bagong taon 2017 !!!

    Thank you for supporting Ukrainian Orphans and thank you for your ongoing support and your donations to help Olga Ivanovna pay for her expensive cancer treatment.

    LAdS Switzerland steering committee

  10. Update: “I will manage everything if my mum is nearby”

    Updated news 25.12.2016 regarding next phase of “I will manage everything if my mum is nearby” here!

    At the beginning of 2016 we started a new and revolutionary project at NBH, aimed for mums with a handicapped child. Today, we are happy to inform you that the biggest project of 2016 is progressing at full speed. All preparation work has been finished; all the rooms have been dismantled.