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  1. Training courses in Poland need funding

    Updated news 21.12.2017 regarding Training courses in Poland here!

    Olga has a new request for funding, training courses in Poland for two NBH rehabilitologists. This rehabilitation program uses a method of “conductive education” (CE) developed by Hungarian András Pető. Pető was a Hungarian doctor, who has created a framework for an educational model, in which children with disabilities could have an education that met their particular physical and intellectual needs. CE has gained more and more acceptance in the education of children with motor disorders, for children who have cerebral palsy or brain injury. more

  2. Anti-Flu Vaccine for NBH & ZuBS & KrBH 2017

    Updated news 19.12.2017 regarding winter medics for ZuBS here!

    Nikolaiev Baby House, Kremenchuk Baby House and Zurupinsk Boarding School need support for their yearly anti-flu vaccine program. Last year both Baby Houses were able to find sponsors for their respective anti-flu vaccination and this year we would like to help NBH & KrBH to find sponsors again! The success story was posted here. more

  3. Mother & Baby department operational

    In early 2016 we launched this project: a special rehabilitation department for mothers and their children with special needs.
    We can now report, that this department is fully operational and first mothers with their baby have arrived and are being taken care of.
    All this has been possible thanks to our sponsors. Many thanks to all!


  4. Tina and Rinat went to Kiev

    Vika travelled to Kiev with Tina and Rinat arrived in Kiev from Kremenchug with his nurse. Together they all went to hospitals in Kiev for checkups.


  5. Update: “I will manage everything if my mum is nearby”

    Updated news 21.07.2017 regarding new equipment here!

    A year and a half ago we launched this exiting new project at NBH. Now we can report that the new “mother & baby department” is finished. The rooms look incredibly beautiful; everything is so new and smells so nicely. We all are very happy. It is impossible to express with words how grateful all the staff at NBH are. Without help and support from Les Amis de Svieta NBH would never be what it is now. We all have achieved absolutely new level of establishment, which long ago left the measures of baby house and has become one of the best rehabilitation centers of Ukraine, which helps and works with different categories of disabled children. Thank you so much! more

  6. Update on Olga’s health

    Updated news 19.07.2017 regarding German drugs for Olga!

    Back in August of 2015 Olga Ivanovna was diagnosed with cancer.
    In May of 2017 Olga IVanovna went to Kiev for a check-up.


  7. New Swiss-Ukraine humanitarian help Association

    A new Swiss association helping Ukraine is born ! The “Association d’Entraide Humanitaire (AEH), Aidez Valérie” has recently been created in Wallis. more

  8. Yaroslav and Sofia went to Kiev

    Updated news 15.07.2017 regarding Yaroslav and Sofia here!

    Viktoria Dobrzynska, a nurse, Yaroslav and Sofia have traveled by train to Kiev. more

  9. New website launched today!

    We are happy to announce that we launched the new website for Les Amis de Svieta today!
    New articles will include a pictures gallery, if there are too many pictures.
    The biggest new feature is the responsive web design, which means that it works equally well on cell phones, tables and desktop computers.
    Check it out. Scroll through the pictures. Enjoy!

    , if you have questions or miss anything.

    Special thanks to Jim Rudolf of Barcelona, Spain for his awesome work in bringing this website to life!
    Muchas gracias.

  10. Yaroslav’s last trip to Kiev

    Updated news 12.7.2017 regarding “Yaroslav” goes back to Kiev hospital here!
    Updated news 25.4.2017 regarding “Yaroslav” after second operation in Kiev hospital here!
    Updated news 25.11.2016 regarding “Yaroslav” after an other consultation in Kiev hospital here!

    Yaroslav was operated in May 2016 but already in August NBH’s doctors could notice that the child was not feeling well. Besides that the boy had not gained weight which could be the sign that the OP did not help.
    So in the end of October we decided not to wait any longer and took Yaroslav for consultation at KCC.
    The child was not in his best mood and did not want to take his hat off. more