Office, accommodation, bedroom for employees

Director, her deputy, two doctors, nurses, lawyer, accountant have to organize themselves somehow in these three small rooms, which are at the same time their bedrooms and offices. The director, for example, does not have her own desk. The lawyer and accountant each have a desk, which are located in the small room.
It is unusual that there is no separation between home (resting) and work. The women have no quiet place to rest. They practically live at work, where the children are on the other side of the wall. And this is also where they spend their free time, on weekends or days off. It is always noisy and crowded.
We thank “City of Goodness” for their hospitality and support. We are glad that the women can work so well in these cramped conditions.

These are the pictures of the dorms and the office for the staff so you have an idea of how they live. The room with the desk is very small, it barely fits in the picture.

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