Next project in Nikolaiev

May 30th, 2024
The new project has started.

“Labor shortages have become one of the main problems for businesses experiencing hiring difficulties, and the search for work is taking more and more effort from managers,” Bloomberg reports.

Because of the new law we were not sure any more we would have enough employees, that‘s why we had to wait a bit. Now the construction firm has enough workers who can do the job because they have finished another project.
The first payment has been transferred to Ukraine successfully.
Already this week we will start with buying materials and do preparatory works.

Thanks you so much for your help. Your donations are appreciated and needed!

May 12th, 2024
During our video call today we decided to do this project that was proposed by Vika. We have a quote from a local builder for US$ 9,153 / € 8’500
Vika confirmed that this project will help handicapped children that get their treatment in NBH.

It is quite interesting these days in Ukraine in the sense that we cannot easily find a builder that can do a job, because men don’t leave their homes due to the worries they would be drafted on the spot, if seen walking or working…

Nevertheless Vika was able to find a builder that has old men working, who are too old for military service. They are very competent and will do a good job!

Svieta Inc. (USA) has agreed to cover part of the cost of this project. Thank you very much to our American friends.

April 23rd, 2024

At the moment NBH works mostly as rehabilitation center and kindergarten for disabled children. Only 6 children live at NBH (two children went to an establishment for elder children, because they will start school in autumn). The majority of the visitors are parents who bring their disabled children for therapies or kindergarten. They use a new enterance. The problem is that the territory in front of the enterance and the path between the enterance and the building itself are not made for parents with disabled children. It is like an obstacle course for wheel chairs or even for simple strollers.

From the picture you can see the situation. Natalia is asking to clean the territory before the enterance, make proper stairs and a ramp before the entrance and make the proper path to the building.

We sent 300 euro to our contact in Ukraine. He will find builders who could do such a job. They will write a proposal so we know the prices for labor and materials.

This territory is called enclosed to NBH territory – it means that NBH cannot put a fence surrounding this territory but at the same time should take care of it. NBH does not have to… of course…. But is awaited they would.

Thanks you so much for your help. Your donations are appreciated and needed!