The Nikolaiev orphanage (NBH) was evacuated from Nikolaiev to Chernovtsy (NBH2).
Currently the children live in this building of the association “City of Goodness” in Chernovtsy (NBH2).

Entrance area NHB2

At the beginning everything was difficult: neither NBH nor “City of Goodness” were properly prepared for the new situation. NBH had too few staff in Chernovtsy to take care of 62 children. “City of Goodness” had neither a kitchen that could work practically around the clock, nor a laundry that could wash so many clothes, nor playgrounds for small children, not even proper children’s beds. In the meantime, everything is taken care of and works very well. For the children it is perfect in Chernovtsy.
Everything is available and nothing is missing for the children. “City of Goodness” provides the children with everything they need: Food, medicines, toys, clothes….
NBH is still in the budget of the Nikolaev oblast/region. Nikolaiev region pays only salary of employees. Everything for the children in Chernovtsy is paid by “City of Goodness”. We are grateful that the children really get everything they need. The conditions in which they live are good and nothing needs to be changed. As a temporary solution (because we all hope that the nightmare of war will end soon) it is a very good solution.
For the female employees it is difficult. Some have stayed in Nikolaiev, but at the moment they do not work and do not receive money. Others are in Chernovtsy and work and live there.

Here you can read about the different areas in this house in Chernovtsy, which we call NBH2.

Who is City of Goodness and what does City of Goodness do?
In Chernovtsy there is a big charitable association called “City of Goodness”. The main goal of the association is to protect women with children. The reasons are: domestic violence, loss of job or place of residence, physiological or physical problems…

Exterior of building and surroundings, playground
The environment is nicely and colorfully decorated and the children have their playground equipment. See for yourself, the children feel comfortable.

Department of the smallest children
A medium sized room is used for the small children (0-2 years).

Department of the older children
In the big room are the older children (2-4 years old).

Department of palliative care
The second medium sized room is used for the palliative children.

The director works with staff in Nikolaiev and with staff and children in Chernovtsy, 500 km away, and constantly travels back and forth to manage everything.

The living quarters, bedrooms for the staff
The conditions in which the staff (director, her deputy, two doctors, nurses, lawyer, accountant) live and work are difficult (no separation as at home). Three small rooms are available for the director, doctors and nurses.

Here the nursing staff can cook their meals if needed.

Wish list
The staff would like to be able to use an apartment or a house external to the orphanage, where they can spend their free time and non-working days. This would greatly improve living and working conditions. We support this request and will try to finance this. Currently we are searching for a suitable object, but this has become difficult because of the war.

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