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  1. Become a member of Friends of Svieta

    The association only exists through its generous member’s donations.
    “Large rivers are built from many small brooks!”

    Please consider becoming a new member by filling out this form.

    Thank you!

  2. Incorporation of the new association Freunde von Svieta / Amis de Svieta

    We are pleased to inform you that the incorporation of the new association Freunde von Svieta / Amis de Svieta 2.0 took place on June 26th 2021. Thus, there is again an active association with an active steering committee.

    Unfortunately, even after the first 20 years of support, the situation in Ukraine is still such that the disabled children in the orphanages urgently need our help. Therefore, a group of 5 people have decided to found the second edition of Freunde von Svieta / Amis de Svieta. more

  3. Svieta USA officially registered as non-profit

    Les Amis de Svieta USA, Inc. has officially been registered as a non-profit organization in the United States and has opened a bank account allowing sponsors to send their donation tax free.
    Please read here how Les Amis de Svieta USA, Inc. was established.
    Check to be made payable to:

    Les Amis de Svieta USA, Inc.
    Attn. Jim Smith
    731 Binnacle Point Drive
    Longboat Key, FL 34228

    Bank contact is:

    Habersham Bank, in Clarkesville, GA

    It’s also possible to wire money by contacting Jim Smith, or cell phone #404-226-8638

  4. The Association in the USA

    How was Les Amis de Svieta USA, Inc. born ?

    Address and bank details of Les Amis de Svieta USA!
    The Smith family decided to establish the American branch of “Les Amis de Svieta” in year 2002.
    Living in Georgia, Helen and Jim had already adopted Sarah Ann in summer 2001 from Nikolaiev baby house. During that first ukrainian experience, they realized all problems encountered by baby house director to manage her orphanage.


  5. Egor and Sofia are on the way to Kiev

    Update 23.06.2021
    Egor was successfully operated last week on June 16th at Kiev’s institute of maxillofacial surgery. The operation and post operation period ran smoothly. Yesterday Egor was discharged from the hospital. Together with his nurse they took the night train and have safely come back to NBH today.
    His next trip to Kiev is scheduled in 6 months for a checkup.
    The administration of NBH and all caregivers heartedly thank you for making this trip and child’s treatment possible.


  6. Fitness vibration plate

    Update 14.06.2021:
    The first fitness vibration plate was delivered.

    The doctors are thrilled, just what they wanted. Thank you!
    The kids still have to get used to the new machine. more

  7. Thomas Rudolf and the new steering committee

    The steering committee of Les Amis de Svieta has announced in a letter that a new steering committee is ready and wants to continue and expand the much needed work in Ukraine, with your continued support.
    Unfortunately, in the letter there is a wrong email address for Thomas Rudolf. Correct would be
    The phone number is correct: +41 31 371 18 92

    Here you can find more information about the new steering committee as it will be presented at the upcoming general assembly.


  8. General Assembly 2021 & Liquidation of the Association

    Dear visitors of this website!

    As you may already know, the steering committee has decided to liquidate the association “Les Amis de Svieta” after 20 years. Grateful for what we have been able to achieve for the children in the last 20 years since its foundation, we are now laying down our activities. We have achieved a lot and without you – dear donors – this would not have been possible! However, the work in Ukraine is never finished. It goes on and on, new orphans are born, there is no money to take care of them and these little orphans still need our help urgently. There is still so much to do. more

  9. Egor has to go to Kiev for the second surgery

    Updated news 10.5.2021
    In September 2020 Egor had his 1st operation, which only partly “closed” his cleft palate. Now it is time for the 2nd operation. This operation was scheduled for May 17th, now it has been rescheduled for the June 14th. The reason is the latest lockdown in Ukraine. The hospital had to postpone all non-urgent operations.

    Financing has been secured by our friends from America from Svieta Inc.

    Thank you so much to America!


  10. Angelina must travel to Kiev for a check-up

    Updated news 5.3.2021
    Angelina was operated in September 2020 at Kiev’s Cardio Center (KCC), now she is scheduled for a check-up at KCC.
    We have to organize the trip for Angelina! Only the money for the trip to Kiev and for the salary for the accompanying nurse is missing.
    We calculate between 200 € and 300 €. Everyone who would like to help to save Angelina’s life helps with a donation.

    Please visit this page to find out how you can donate!

    Thank you so much in advance!