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  1. Report, first year of war in Ukraine

    Vika, Ukrainian member of the board, presented this report at the general assembly meeting on March 31, 2023:

    24.02.2022 has divided the life of every Ukrainian on before and after. We will never forget those terrible nights, full of worries, fears and the feeling that everything that happened was not true after all. In an instant, the lives of millions were changed and destroyed. Thousands were killed or injured, tens of thousands lost everything, hundreds of thousands had to flee. Every story told at that time was a tragedy.


  2. Minutes of the General Assembly

    The general assembly took place on 31.3.2023 at the Restaurant Fritz & Frieda in Thun (BE/Switzerland).

    The annual report can be read here (German) or here (French).


  3. Viktoriya has cerebral palsy and needs therapy

    Viktoriya was born in 2016. Here mother was very young at the time. At the age of almost 3 Viktoriya came to NBH for a 6 months treatment. After that time, her mother refused to take Viktoriya back. The court which very quickly deprived Viktoriya‘s mother her parental right, so the girl has got her status of the orphan.


  4. Robert passed away

    Update 17.1.2023
    Sad news: we learned today that Robert passed away unexpectedly two weeks after his discharge from the hospital in Kiev. He was treated in the hospital in Nikolaiev, where he eventuelly suffered from a cardiac arrest.
    We had tried everything to help Robert, but he had too many problems. In the end, maybe it is better for Robert this way. The director Nataliya Grigorenko is very grateful for the help that Friends of Svieta had provided for Robert.


  5. ZuBS moved to a save location (update)

    Update 2.1.2023
    We found out that everything is fine in Skadovsk. The young people are nourished much better, get all possible hygienic means. They live in the sanatorium and there is enough nursing staff. They also have heating, electricity and water. So, in short, in Skadovsk it is better than it was in Zurupinsk.
    We no longer have direct contact with the senatorium in Skadovsk. But we were able to find out through Olga, who has friends in Zurupinsk from the past, how the disabled young people are doing. It is exciting and almost unbelievable to hear that the children in Skandovska are doing well and better than before.


  6. Happy New Year !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2022 and hope it will continue in 2023!
    2022 was a difficult year for Ukraine, for the orphans and for the Friends of Svieta. Thank you for continuing to support the orphans in war-torn Ukraine.
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2023 full of spirit and energy.


  7. Newsletter

    We regularly inform our members on the way in which their donations are used by publishing of a short “Newsletter”.


  8. Deaf Mykola with new hearing aid

    Update 3.11.2022
    The chief physician Nataliya Grigorenko says that Mykola reacts to sounds with the hearing aid, but does not yet know how to deal with the sounds. The speech therapist will work with him.


  9. Visit to NBH2 in Chernovtsy

    During Vika’s trip to Chernovtsy she collected a few pictures and assessed the situation for the orphans in their temporary location in Chernovtsy.
    We have created a new menu item which we call NBH2.

    In this section you can read all about the building, the working conditions and the current wish list.

    We are looking forward to your donation to be able to finance a rented house for the staff to relax and sleep away from the building with the orphans.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Elena has to return to the heart clinic in Kiev

    Update October 3rd 2022
    Elena was operated in Kiev in Oktober 2021.
    In August 2022 she was still doing well but suddenly Elena’s health deteriorated.
    We organized a trip to Kiev on September 28th.

    Elena was checked at Kiev‘s Cardio Center. The doctors were very happy with Elena and with the results of the operation. The light ailments the child had in the last time were most likely connected with the season change.