Recent Posts

  1. NBH: Director Nataliya Grigorenko

    At the beginning of December Nataliya Grigorenko was appointed as new director at NBH. She has already started her work.
    We are looking forward to working with Nataliya Grigorenko in the coming years.


  2. #GivingTuesdayCH

    Friends of Svieta is participating for the first time at the worldwide Giving Tuesday on November 30, 2021. On this Tuesday, people worldwide will be mobilized for generosity and social commitment. Join us so that #GivingTuesdayCH also becomes a huge event in Switzerland!


  3. Corona situation in ukrainian hospitals

    After the “summer break”, Corona has again since the beginning of autumn become a hot topic in Ukraine. Since the vaccination campaign in the country has completely failed, the government is trying to exert pressure. But the majority of the people do not want to be vaccinated. People give different reasons: they don’t trust the Chinese and Indian vaccines and when suddenly European vaccines appear on the market, they suspect that they are fake or not as good as in the EU.


  4. News about the children and the association

    Towards the end of the year we would like to inform donors, members and interested people about the actualities of the association.


  5. Anti-Flu Vaccine for NBH 2021

    News 11/16/2021.

    The vaccines have been delivered and the children have been vaccinated.
    Thanks to our friends from Svieta Inc. from America.


  6. Adriana must be examined at Cardio Center (KCC)

    News 7.10.2021!
    Adriana was adopted in the meantime.
    This means happiness for little Adriana. Tremendous luck!


  7. Donations qualify for tax exemption

    Donations made to the Swiss branch of ‘Amis de Svieta – Friends of Svieta’ are tax-deductible in Switzerland!
    The following applies only to people paying Swiss taxes!

    The association qualified for tax exemption as certified by the canton Bern (in order to read or to print this document you need the software Adobe Acrobat® which can be downloaded for free from here).
    At the beginning of each year we will automatically send you a certificate allowing you to claim a tax exemption on your taxes with your canton (please check with your local tax authorities for validity of the above tax exempt statement).

    Thank you so much for your donation!

  8. Viktor is back from Kiev

    Viktor had to stay longer in hospital in Kiev after his heart surgery. He had recovered well and traveled back to Nikolaiev by train on October 2, 2021 (the outward journey was done by ambulance).


  9. Egor must be brought back to Kiev

    News 19.9.2021: Egor is on his way to Kiev!

    Viktoria Dobrzhynska is now traveling with Egor and a nurse on the night train from Nikolaiev to Kiev. The journey takes 9.5 hours for a distance of almost 500 km.

    We estimate the cost of his 3rd trip to Kiev to the eye clinic to be €250.


  10. Three children on the way to Kiev

    Three children are on the way to Kiev this night: Egor, Elena and Viktor.
    Two children travel by night train with Vika and one child travels in an ambulance.