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  1. Newsletter

    We regularly inform our members on the way in which their donations are used by publishing of a short “Newsletter”.


  2. Deaf Mykola with new hearing aid

    Update 3.11.2022
    The chief physician Nataliya Grigorenko says that Mykola reacts to sounds with the hearing aid, but does not yet know how to deal with the sounds. The speech therapist will work with him.


  3. Visit to NBH2 in Chernovtsy

    During Vika’s trip to Chernovtsy she collected a few pictures and assessed the situation for the orphans in their temporary location in Chernovtsy.
    We have created a new menu item which we call NBH2.

    In this section you can read all about the building, the working conditions and the current wish list.

    We are looking forward to your donation to be able to finance a rented house for the staff to relax and sleep away from the building with the orphans.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Elena has to return to the heart clinic in Kiev

    Update October 3rd 2022
    Elena was operated in Kiev in Oktober 2021.
    In August 2022 she was still doing well but suddenly Elena’s health deteriorated.
    We organized a trip to Kiev on September 28th.

    Elena was checked at Kiev‘s Cardio Center. The doctors were very happy with Elena and with the results of the operation. The light ailments the child had in the last time were most likely connected with the season change.


  5. NBH in Nikolaiev is still intact

    We have received photos from Nikolaiev showing that the NBH is still in good condition and untouched by the war. Bravo!


  6. Trip to Chernovtsy

    Updated news 27.8.2022
    Vika went back with this bus and arrived today at 05:00 tired but well in Germany.

    The journey was adventurous and led via Romania, Slovakia, Austria to Germany. The bus was loaded with cargo and passengers. At the border from Ukraine to Romania they lost 8 hours because something was wrong with the papers of the cargo.

    There is a lot of news to report. We will collect, process and publish the data.
    In summary, we can say that it is much better and more positive for the children than we had assumed.


  7. Update Ukraine

    We hear new reports from Ukraine almost every day in the news. Here we report from the orphanages “NBH” and “ZuBS” and from personal friends in Ukraine.
    We did not want to publish a war picture, so this round table with the Ukrainian president surrounded by European government representatives is a symbol of the current situation in Ukraine.


  8. Current situation at NBH and ZuBS

    NBH children: they are still in Chernovtsy. Everyday Nataliya Grigorenko (director and chief doctor) is asking for permission to go back to Nikolaiev but the government does not allow to bring the children back yet. Meanwhile they are getting used to their new place, though the condition they are living in can’t be compared to how it was in Nikolaiev.


  9. Support of the orphanages during the war

    The steering committee has decided to support the two orphanages NBH and ZuBS regardless of the war and regardless of the further course of the war, as long as this is possible.
    Svieta Inc, the American branch of Friends of Svieta is also unreservedly ready to continue supporting the two orphanages and their residents.


  10. Verena Bodmer new member of the steering committee

    At today’s board meeting we were pleased to welcome Verena Bodmer, who is standing for election as a member of the steering committee (SC).

    Verena has been a member of the Friends of Svieta since the founding of the association last June and would now like to be even closer to the action on the SC.