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  1. Boarding school in Zurupinsk needs a new bathroom

    Zurupinsk boarding school is located in a suburb of Kherson at the end of a dirt road. This orphanage is home to around 200 children aged 5 to 18, all of them are disabled.


  2. New Swiss-Ukraine humanitarian help Association

    A new Swiss association helping Ukraine is born ! The “Association d’Entraide Humanitaire (AEH), Aidez Valérie” has recently been created in Wallis. more

  3. More shoes for Zurupinsk boarding school

    At the end of 2016 ZuBS wrote us a letter with the request to help them again with shoes for children, which still remain one of the biggest problems for the boarding school.

    And again without any further hesitations our friend and sponsor Hanni decided to help. She bought 50 pairs of shoes and we sent them to Zurupinnsk.


  4. Diapers for Zurupinsk boarding school (ZuBS)

    We have recently got a new letter of request from ZuBS, in which the director is explaining the catastrophic lack of diapers for children and they are asking everybody who could help to buy them diapers.


  5. Shoes for Zurupinsk boarding school

    Lack of clothes and especially shoes for children have always been a problem for all Ukrainian orphanages. If we are talking about boarding school for children between 5 and 18, plus economical situation when all the prices in Ukraine have exploded, you can say without any hesitation this is one of the biggest problem nowadays.

    That’s why when ZuBS applied to Les Amis de Svieta with the request to help them to buy shoes for children, we knew right away we had to help somehow. Luckily enough we had an opportunity to get 50 pair of shoes at a very good price , which were paid by our friend and sponsor Hanni.


    Thank you Hanni for your kindness, generosity, care and participation. Your contribution constantly has been helping Ukrainian children all these years!


  6. Zurupinsk boarding school (ZuBS)

    Les Amis de Svieta has quite a long ‚relationship‘ with the boarding school of Zurupinsk (ZuBS). It was back in 2006 when we first met Olga Igorivna, the girl from Zurupinsk.
    Zurupinsk boarding school is similar to ‘school internat’ N°5 in Nikolaiev, where children go after they leave NBH. The only difference is that disabled children go to Zurupinsk boarding school, where they study and learn a profession, if that is at all possible for them.
    In 2015 Karina was sent to ZuBS and so we had learned of their needs to improve the living conditions of those disabled orphans. more

  7. Zurupinsk boarding school

    Do you remember Karina, who was born with Apert syndrome and who did quite a few trips and operations, at the time she lived at NBH?

    When the girl grew up she was moved to special boarding school for disabled children, which is situated in a little town of Zurupinsk (Kherson’s region). This spring we went to visit her and thus got to know this orphanage (ZuBS), its wonderful inhabitants and very friendly director.


  8. Visit to Olga Igorivna in 2010

    On Mai 25th Hanneke, Vika, Pascal and Tom visited Olga at her school in Kakhovka – by car almost two hours away from Nikolaiev. Olga was expecting us and showed us her room. She had her monthly accounts including receipts ready for us.


  9. Visiting Olga Igorivna in Kakhovka

    On September 16th 2009 Pascal, Vika and Olga Ivanovna (NBH director) visited Olga Igorivna (Olga) in Kakhovka. Les Amis de Svieta supports Olga for more than 1 year (and at least 2 more to go). The aim of this support is to allow Olga to learn a profession. We visited Olga for the first time in November 2006 and did on a regular basis ever since. In September 2007, Olga started her studies at technical agricultural school in Kakhovka. Our last visit to Olga took place almost a year ago, November 23rd 2008.

    Olga in her new room

    Olga was awaiting us eagerly and was happy to show us her new room on 2nd floor, which is in much better condition and nicer than the previous 4th floor room. Unfortunately kitchen, toilet and bathroom are still in an unacceptably bad condition (for us).


  10. Trip report fall 2008

    Friday December 5th
    Mission completed 🙂
    Pascal has been driving from Nikolaiev to Odessa airport from where he is now flying via Prag to Zurich.
    Thursday December 4th
    Weather today is better, no rain and no fog.
    After visiting the Baby House of Kremenchuk, Pascal and Vika are heading back to Nikolaiev, from where Pascal will be flying home to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon.
    Wednesday December 3rd
    Today it was still overcast, but less fog.
    First, Pascal and Vika visited potential suppliers for Vika’s shop in Nikolaiev. Then they were heading for Kremenchuk. Today, as a bonus, it was also raining 🙁