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Diapers for Zurupinsk boarding school (ZuBS)

We have recently got a new letter of request from ZuBS, in which the director is explaining the catastrophic lack of diapers for children and they are asking everybody who could help to buy them diapers.

letter of request from ZuBS

And here we go: the first 10 packages of diapers as well as a couple of bottle disinfection liquid were kindly donated by our sponsor from Germany and sent to Zurupinsk.

diapers sent to ZuBS

But honestly, this amount is a drop in the sea. They need much more because there are 130 children at this boarding school who need to use diapers more or less on a daily base.

Everybody who can and is willing to help in this project, please donate money or simply sent diapers directly to the postal address of the school.

Please help!
Little drops build huge rivers. It will be very interesting and important for children. We hope for you participation.

Please help and visit this page to find out how you can donate!
Or just click on the “PayPal Donate” logo in the right column.