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  1. Anti-Flu Vaccine for NBH 2014

    We are happy and proud to inform, that for the 6th year in a row our friends Helen und Jim Smith from Svieta USA bought anti-flu vaccine for NBH.


  2. New therapy room project for NBH has started

    Updated news here!
    At the moment there are 135 children at NBH; 90% of them have affection of central nervous system, or musculoskeletal system, or hearing and sight, or inborn and hereditary disabilities of different levels; 40% of those children suffer additionally from cerebral palsy. more

  3. Flu Vaccine for NBH 2013

    It has already become a good tradition that in autumn our friends and sponsors Helen and Jim Smith buy anti-flu vaccine and anti-virus medicaments for the children of NBH.
    This year has not become an exception and NBH was provided with the necessary amounts of vaccine and medics in the beginning of the cold season.


  4. Nikolaiev Baby House laundry renovation

    Update from March 26th, 2013
    Repair of main laundry room of NBH is now terminated. It is not only clean and nice but also meets all sanitary requirements. The laundry is now fit to handle daily load of lining and children clothes.

    Water supply and sewage systems have been completely replaced. This avoid high humidity in the room as it was with previous leaking one.

    We heartedly thank everybody who donated money to this project. THANK YOU!

    There are still some repairs to be done in other rooms of the laundry, like replace some windows and floors, for example.

    Please visit this page to find out how you can donate!
    Or just click on the “PayPal Donate” logo in the right column.


  5. Alla needs heart surgery, please help

    Update from April 3rd
    Alla travelled to Children’s Cardio Center in Kiev and was successfully operated in the beginning of March.

    Post operation period ran more or less smoothly for about a month and Alla came back home, to NBH.

    At the moment she’s doing great, her life is out of danger and we heartedly thank our American friends and sponsors Helen and Jim, who paid for the operation and helped to safe her life. A BIG THANK YOU!!! more

  6. Flu vaccine for NBH 2012

    As always at the beginning of winter 2012 Olga Ivanovna (chief doctor of NBH) requested our help to pay for anti flu injections…. And as always our American friends and sponsors Helen and Jim Smith agreed to help and pay for vaccination. With the help of their money more than 150 doses were bought.


  7. Viktoriya Yurjevna urgently needs kidney transplantation – please help

    Viktoriya Yurjevna (Vika) was born on January 22nd 2001. She comes from socially unstable family, her mother was a drug addict and died in 2010. Her father is alcohol addicted, unemployed and has no permanent place to live. In November 2012 the girl was taken away from her father by court decree. Now Vika is an orphan and lives at NBH Nikolaiev Baby House). more

  8. Vika & Vera will travel to Evpatoriya (Crimea)

    During spring 2010 trip, NBH director, Olga Ivanovna, introduced us to two new girls recently arrived at the orphanage. Both do suffer from severe orthopedic issue with legs, preventing them to walk alone and even to stand up alone for Vika.


  9. Flu vaccine for NBH

    Winter season is not far away. Chief doctor Olga of Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH) asked for help financing flu vaccine again this year (we are talking about seasonal flu vaccine, not ‘swine flu’ vaccine!).
    Thanks to a generous donation from LAdS USA, the flu vaccines needed for 2009 could be purchased and have been delivered.

    delivery of anti flu vaccine

    Injections have been given already and Chief doctor Olga and the kids from Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH) are very grateful.

  10. Trip report fall 2009

    Saturday September 26th
    Mission accomplished!
    Pascal is back home in Switzerland, after 7,758 kilometers on the road. A daily average of 539 kilometers made this trip quite strenuous, but as always very rewarding and rich in experiences.
    Friday September 25th
    Vika and Pascal left by car from Zhytomir. Vika took a night train from Uzgorod to Nikolaiev and Pascal continued by car to Vienna, where he spent the night.
    Thursday September 24th
    The road from Kharkov to Kiev seemed never ending, but finally Pascal and Vika were able to drop off our friends from OBS, Stacey and Elizabeth, safely (they plan to fly back home on Saturday).
    Afterwards Vika and Pascal continued to drive to Zhytomir, where they spent the night.