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  1. Nikolaiev Baby House laundry renovation

    Update from March 26th, 2013
    Repair of main laundry room of NBH is now terminated. It is not only clean and nice but also meets all sanitary requirements. The laundry is now fit to handle daily load of lining and children clothes.

    Water supply and sewage systems have been completely replaced. This avoid high humidity in the room as it was with previous leaking one.

    We heartedly thank everybody who donated money to this project. THANK YOU!

    There are still some repairs to be done in other rooms of the laundry, like replace some windows and floors, for example.

    Please visit this page to find out how you can donate!
    Or just click on the “PayPal Donate” logo in the right column.


  2. Alla needs heart surgery, please help

    Update from April 3rd
    Alla travelled to Children’s Cardio Center in Kiev and was successfully operated in the beginning of March.

    Post operation period ran more or less smoothly for about a month and Alla came back home, to NBH.

    At the moment she’s doing great, her life is out of danger and we heartedly thank our American friends and sponsors Helen and Jim, who paid for the operation and helped to safe her life. A BIG THANK YOU!!! more

  3. Happy New Year 2013 !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2012 and hope it will continue in 2013!
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2013 full of spirit and energy.

    Bonne Année 2013 !!!
    Happy New Year 2013 !!!
    Glückliches Neues Jahr 2013 !!!
    С новым годом 2013 !!!
    Feliz año nuevo 2013 !!!

    LAdS Switzerland steering committee

  4. Renovation projects in Nikolaiev Baby House

    There are 13 groups of about 10 children between 0 and 4 years old in Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH). As new project for 2012, Director Olga Ivanovna would like to refurbish the remaining 6 kitchenettes (which were not made at the same time as bathrooms) as well as replace floors in sleeping and living rooms of each group.


  5. Happy New Year 2012 !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2011 and hope it will continue in 2012!
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2012 full of spirit and energy.

    Bonne Année 2012 !!!
    Happy New Year 2012 !!!
    Glückliches Neues Jahr 2012 !!!
    С новым годом 2012 !!!
    Feliz año nuevo 2012 !!!

    LAdS Switzerland steering committee

  6. LAdS Newsletter 2011

    We regularly inform our members on the way in which their donations are used by semi-annual (or to be more precise, after each trip to Ukraine :-)) publishing of a short “Newsletter”.

    The Newsletter December 2011 is online! more

  7. 10 years memory picture book

    In order to celebrate our association anniversary even better, we have produced, working tightly together with CIH (Centre Informatique Handicap des Ateliers de la Gérine & des Préalpes), a 21 pages memory picture book containing over 150 images about our last 10 years of activities.

  8. 10 years Les Amis de Svieta (Switzerland)

    In November 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

  9. Trip report fall 2010

    Sunday November 7th
    Pascal has finally arrived back home in Fribourg. The plane had a huge delay due to fog in Prague. more

  10. Urgent help needed for Vika & Vera (update)

    Update as of July 25th, 2010
    Thanks to the generosity of a U.S. sponsor close to our partner organization OBS, funding was found this week.
    A big thank you to the sponsor 🙂

    Request for donation dated July 11th, 2010
    Beginning of June we reported that Vika & Vera would be operated in Evpatoriya. Last week Vika and both girls made the trip to the orthopedic center in Evpatoriya (Crimea).

    Vika and Vera in Evpatoriya