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  1. Second “Mother-Baby” department planned!

    In April of 2016 director Olga Ivanovna started this project “I will manage everything if my mum is nearby”. It was a risk to start this project because no one knew if mothers with newborn, disabled children would get in contact with NBH and whether this offer was needed. With great commitment and anticipation, the renovation was planned and carried out.
    At the end of 2017, this new department was opened and a waiting list had to be created in early 2018!


  2. Boarding school in Zurupinsk needs a new bathroom

    Zurupinsk boarding school is located in a suburb of Kherson at the end of a dirt road. This orphanage is home to around 200 children aged 5 to 18, all of them are disabled.


  3. Olga Ivanovna, 1 year update of cancer treatment

    In August of 2015 Olga Ivanovna was diagnosed with cancer. One year later it is time for an update.


  4. Olga Ivanovna update

    Almost two months have passed since Olga Ivanovna came back home after her radiation treatment in Kiev.
    Olga Ivanovna is very happy with progress of her recovery! All the burns under her arm are now healed and she is working full time again. The poison of the chemo is leaving the body and Olga feels much better; all blood tests are within the physiological range.


  5. Olga Ivanovna is scheduled for radiation therapy in Kiev

    Updated news January 23rd, 2016 Olga Ivanovna is doing fine and coping well with radiation therapy!

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  6. Nikolaiev Baby House group kitchenette renovation

    Updated news here!

    We were able to secure finances for 1 more kitchenttes, that was finished recently. That leaves only 1 kitchenette to be renovated.

    If you would like to help, please visit this page to find out how you can donate!
    Or just click on the “PayPal Donate” logo in the right column. more

  7. URGENT: Olga Ivanovna, Director of NBH, sick, breast cancer!

    Updated news October 1st, 2015 Olga was in Kiev and is back home, tumor size reduced!

    Olga Ivanovna, Director of the Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH), has developed cancer and requires urgent treatment. Unfortunately in Ukraine, patients have to pay everything themselves. Public health insurance does not exist and Olga will receive only the treatment she can pay for. If she cannot pay for required medication (chemo therapy), she will not get it. We need donations! more

  8. Happy New Year 2015 !!!!

    We heartily thank our donators and friends for their continuous support in 2014 and hope it will continue in 2015!
    Take it easy and relax during holidays in order to start 2015 full of spirit and energy.

    Bonne Année 2015 !!!
    Happy New Year 2015 !!!
    Glückliches Neues Jahr 2015 !!!
    С новым годом 2015 !!!
    Feliz año nuevo 2015 !!!
    Masaya bagong taon 2015 !!!

    LAdS Switzerland steering committee

  9. LAdS Newsletter February 2014

    We regularly inform our members on the way in which their donations are used by publishing of a short “Newsletter”.

    The Newsletter February 2014 is online! more

  10. New therapy room project for NBH has started

    Updated news here!
    At the moment there are 135 children at NBH; 90% of them have affection of central nervous system, or musculoskeletal system, or hearing and sight, or inborn and hereditary disabilities of different levels; 40% of those children suffer additionally from cerebral palsy. more