Les Amis de Svieta

About “Les Amis de Svieta”

Les Amis de Svieta (Switzerland) was started in summer of 2000.
November 21st, 2010 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.
It was a success, many people joined us in Saint-Brais.

In 2020 we could not celebrate our 20 year anniversary due to Covid. Read more about the achievements in the last 10 years.

In these few pages, you shall find all information about our association and its activities. We hope you will enjoy browsing through this site and that you will not hesitate to let us know your remarks, comments or corrections by email to .

In short, here are our main goals:

  • Les Amis de Svieta (LAdS) Switzerland helps children suffering from severe physical disease and requiring costly treatments in orphanages from the Nikolaiev district in Ukraine.
  • To the extent where one or the other orphanage from the Nikolaiev district has urgent material needs preventing children to have a “normal” life, the association is ready to help them selectively.
  • Thanks to the creation of Les Amis de Svieta USA, Inc. and the French branch, we have extended our activities to orphanages in Kharkov and Kherson regions.
  • We also collaborate with other humanitarian help associations (such as an Orphan’s Bright Star for example) for precise projects in other regions of Ukraine.

Enjoy your visit and come back to check for news as often as you want!