Max and Yaroslav on the way to Kiev

Updated news November 23rd, 2015 Max and Yaroslav on their way home to Nikolaiev!!!!

Max, Yaroslav and Vika went by train to Kiev. It is the third trip for Max, while for Yaroslav it is the second trip.

Max on the left and Yaroslav

Max on the left and Yaroslav

Max has to go to Kiev every six month or so. We reported about his second trip here.


Olga Ivanovna, Director at NBH, operation in Kiev

Updated news November 22nd, 2015 Olga is at home, recovering. Next chemo therapy scheduled for November 27th.
A big THANK YOU to all of you who have donated money to make this cancer treatment possible!!!

Olga at home

Olga at home, after chemo therapy, recovering!


Anti-Flu Vaccine for NBH & KrBH 2015

Nikolaiev Baby House and Kremenchuk Baby House need support for their yearly anti-flu vaccine program. Last year both Baby Houses were able to find sponsors for their respective anti-flu vaccination and this year we would like to help NBH & KrBH to find sponsors again! The success story was posted here.

Total cost for 105 doses of vaccine (*154 hrv per dose = 16,170 hrv) + 15,000 hrv for anti-virus medics. Total: 31,170 hrv/22 = US$ 1,420

Total cost for 58 doses of vaccine (*154 hrv per dose = 8,932 hrv) + 12,000 hrv for anti-virus medics. Total: 20,932 hrv/22 = US$ 951

Everybody wishing to help Ukrainian orphanages at NBH or KrBH with anti-flu program in 2015 can make donations here…

Michail has inborn immunodeficiency

Vika and Michail travelled to Kiev for a first time in May and she travelled with Michail a second time to Kiev on September 28th.
Michael suffers from an rare form of inborn immunodeficiency. This means that his immune system does not work properly and can’t resist infections (though he is not HIV positive) and second his body does not keep protein which he receives with food.

Michael 2
Michail is already 13 months. What is strange, he is in good health. He is active and eats quite a bit.

URGENT: Olga Ivanovna, Director of NBH, sick, breast cancer!

Updated news October 1st, 2015 Olga was in Kiev and is back home, tumor size reduced!

Olga Ivanovna, Director of the Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH), has developed cancer and requires urgent treatment. Unfortunately in Ukraine, patients have to pay everything themselves. Public health insurance does not exist and Olga will receive only the treatment she can pay for. If she cannot pay for required medication (chemo therapy), she will not get it. We need donations!

Zurupinsk boarding school (ZuBS)

Les Amis de Svieta has quite a long ‚relationship‘ with the boarding school of Zurupinsk (ZuBS). It was back in 2006 when we first met Olga Igorivna, the girl from Zurupinsk.
Zurupinsk boarding school is similar to ‘school internat’ N°5 in Nikolaiev, where children go after they leave NBH. The only difference is that disabled children go to Zurupinsk boarding school, where they study and learn a profession, if that is at all possible for them.
In 2015 Karina was sent to ZuBS and so we had learned of their needs to improve the living conditions of those disabled orphans.

Zurupinsk boarding school

Zurupinsk boarding school


Urgent assistance for medicaments for NBH

The Ukrainian government pays 0.08 euros for medications per child per day. For 200 children, the budget per month is 500 euros, which is not nearly enough. Medications have become 5x more expensive since the crisis began 2 years ago, yet budget remained the same!

A Swiss sponsor has agreed to pay 100.- CHF monthly for essential drugs, which otherwise could not be bought by director Olga of NBH.

  • We are looking for further sponsors for drugs.

Everybody wishing to help Ukrainian orphanages make donations here…
Monthly payments are welcome!

Zurupinsk boarding school

Do you remember Karina, who was born with Apert syndrome and who did quite a few trips and operations, at the time she lived at NBH?

When the girl grew up she was moved to special boarding school for disabled children, which is situated in a little town of Zurupinsk (Kherson’s region). This spring we went to visit her and thus got to know this orphanage (ZuBS), its wonderful inhabitants and very friendly director.

Karina at her new home has grown up tremendously

Karina at her new home has grown up tremendously


Art Therapy Rehabilitation Room at NBH

NBH has a new big project, the ‘Art Therapy Rehabilitation Room’ project, a continuation of the existing rehabilitation programs.
Nikolaev’s Baby House (NBH) has become known all over Ukraine as a pioneer orphanage and one of the best in the country rehabilitation center and all this due to the numerous rehabilitation programs which successfully work, helping its little inhabitants to survive the terrible stress and trauma of being abandoned, and to overcome psychological and physical disabilities in order to be able to adjust socially in the future life.

Classes of Montessori, hydro, and physic therapies, rooms of sensor development and interactive floor, outdoor swimming pool and massage center, built up to the latest European standards new isolation room and many others: we are proud we have achieved that much due to your kindness and participation, our dear Sponsors!

Montessori class

Montessori class

More info on how to help right away!

Isolation Room at NBH

Updated news April 4th, 2015 isolation room project completed!

The main purpose of the isolation room is to prevent contagious diseases from being spread from a child to other children. If a child gets ill and doctors suspect any kind of infection it must immediately be separated from the rest of the children. In this case it is put in the isolation room. There a child will be properly examined, diagnosed and treated till there is no more danger for the other children in their group.