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Olga Ivanovna update

Almost two months have passed since Olga Ivanovna came back home after her radiation treatment in Kiev.
Olga Ivanovna is very happy with progress of her recovery! All the burns under her arm are now healed and she is working full time again. The poison of the chemo is leaving the body and Olga feels much better; all blood tests are within the physiological range.

Olga at her office

Of course, she fulfills all the prescriptions of her doctors: takes hormone therapy medics and attends lessons of physiotherapy as well as massages.

She will have to go to Kiev every three months for a “big” checkup with tests and consultations by her doctors. The next trip to Kiev is scheduled for the beginning of May.

We heartedly thank everybody for their kind participation and tremendous help. Best regards from Olga Ivanovna, she took a few days off from work!

We still need money for further therapies and regular trips to Kiev for checkups which will take place every three months. PLEASE HELP!

Donations for Olga Ivanovna:
If you would like to donate, please contact directly, so she can send you instructions on how and where to send money.

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