Two young girls need your help

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Nataliya and Ilona are both 4 years old and suffer from congenital deformity of their arms and legs. Director Olga Ivanovna of Nikolaiev Baby House recently asked us to support them.

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As always with new children we wanted their diagnosis to be confirmed and thus we traveled to the most prestigious orthopedic hospital of Ukraine which is in Evpatoriya (Crimea). Vika took the two children and their nurses by car to this coastal city, which in this season looks a lot like a seaside resort.

Visiting Evpatoriya: Nataliya, Vika, Ilona and the two nurses

The two children have a constant need for assistance because they cannot move by themselves and their life in orphanage is particularly difficult (and that of personnel looking after them too).

Nataliya and her award winning smile

Diagnosis of the young girls was confirmed by local specialists. They are extremely optimistic that orthopedic surgery will unquestionably improve mobility of Nataliya and Ilona.


Orthopedic hospital is fully booked till October. That gives us a more time in trying to gather funds necessary to operate Nataliya & Ilona by calling upon your generosity. The doctors work for free, but request paying material necessary to do operations (Hrv 5,000 for each young girl). They will have to stay at hospital for 60 to 80 days and price for staying at hospital costs Hrv 95 per day each.
For Nataliya this adds up to: Hrv 5,000 for material necessary for operation and Hrv 6,650 for subsistence expenses.
Total: Hrv 11,650 or US$ 2,330 or € 1,800 or CHF 2,900
And for Ilona: Hrv 5,200 for the material necessary for operation and Hrv 6,650 for subsistence expenses
Total: Hrv 11,850 or US$ 2,370 or € 1, 825 or CHF 3,000
Both kids of course also benefited from this trip and they spent a little time at the beach and especially first the time went swimming in the sea! Short holidays, but they really enjoyed it.

Ilona & Nataliya at the beach

We count on you so that these two young girls can in future go to the beach all alone!
Thank you in advance.

Published by Thomas Rudolf on 20.07.2007