Svieta car success story

This is an archive page of Les Amis de Svieta from 2000-2021

Les Amis de Svieta Ukraine has been motorized since April 2006!


The car was donated by brother and sisters Verena, Christoph and Kathrin Rudolf as well as by an American family

The Peugeot was registered in Ukraine in the name of our local representative Vika.
In two years we traveled 35,774 km, we visited numerous orphanages, baby houses and boarding schools and we transported many children to hospitals, e.g. Nikolay, Vitaly, Irina, Natascha, Illona, Vika, Julia, Ekaterina and Olga.
Thanks to this car our association was much more mobile in Ukraine and we could reduce travel expenses while at the same time increase our efficiency by at least a factor of two. We simply couldn’t have done all the things we did.

Due to changes in Ukrainian car registration law we couldn’t continue to drive and use this car and Vika had to sell it, which she managed successfully.
What do we do now without a car?
We are looking to purchase an other car, one that satisfies Ukrainian regulations, one that is big enough to travel savely with two nurses and two children, one that is reliable enough to cope with Ukrainian weather and road conditions, one that is save to drive, one that is clean and doesn’t use too much petrol to save money. In other words, we are looking for a rather costly car, considering Ukrainian used car prices.


This Peugeot is gone

Les Amis de Svieta needs an other used car.

Please consider making an online donation to support the purchase of a car.

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