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Well water drilling project in Zeleniy Gay

The drilling project to reach well water at Zeleniy Gay specialized orphanage is now finished.

Unfortunately, they have now found out that water pressure from the drill/pump is not sufficient to ensure water supply for all floors in all buildings. You can see some images of it here!
We are thus initiating a second phase to this project and are now evaluating different solutions to alleviate this problem.
Stay tuned!

Very often in Ukraine, orphanages suffer from intermittent water shortages from the public water utility (a few hours per day). The reason is usually old and damaged water supply system from the city or town they are located in. City or town council don’t have financial means to keep their tap water supply (as well as water sewage) systems up to date with nowadays technologies. Furthermore, the water systems cannot cope with population and new buildings increase and there is not enough pressure in the distributing system. That is why tap water is only available a few hours per day and requires orphanage workers to add one more task to their duties: stock water between two breaks. Such problem is mostly acute for young children orphanages or baby houses.
This is why we have decided to make this drill at Zeleniy Orphanage. It shall, at least, provide well water for most urgent needs.