Corona situation in ukrainian hospitals

After the “summer break”, Corona has again since the beginning of autumn become a hot topic in Ukraine. Since the vaccination campaign in the country has completely failed, the government is trying to exert pressure. But the majority of the people do not want to be vaccinated. People give different reasons: they don’t trust the Chinese and Indian vaccines and when suddenly European vaccines appear on the market, they suspect that they are fake or not as good as in the EU.

Hospital in Nikolaiev, guarded by policemen

The people are more willing to pay for the expensive tests that are required everywhere than to get a vaccination. That is why the government is taking another step and trying to spread fear of Corona. The media is reporting exponentially increasing numbers of infected people, showing terrible reports from the overcrowded intensive care units and threatening them with a new lockdown.

The rules are getting stricter again: 3G and quarantine have already become everyday life.

Since the beginning of November, hospitals are only allowed to admit acute patients. All planned treatments and surgeries have to be postponed. We think it will stay like this, just like last year, until the end of February. Therefore, we cannot send orphans to Kiev for treatment at the moment.