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Stanislav needs to go to Kiev

Stanislav suffers from Congenital heart disease. He needs to travel to Kiev for operation. We need to buy train tickets and pay a nurse to acompany him and stay with him at the hospital in Kiev.


Stanislav was born in March of 2019. His mother visited him in hospital from time to time (when she was not drinking) and even tried to stay with her child. She even took him home and travelled with him to Kiev’s Cardio Center for examination but never brought him back for appointed operation, as well as did not really care about his health. The boy was brought back to the hospital practically dying. It is a wonder that our doctors managed to safe his life and more or less stabilize his state.

Stanislav arrived at NBH in November 2019. Because of Corona quarantine his trip to Kiev had to be canceled several times. He was taken
regularly to regional children‘s hospital in Nikolaev. Now it is planed to bring him to KCC for operation in September 2020.

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