Steering committee

The association Friends of Svieta – Amis de Svieta elected the steering committee on 26.6.2021.

Viktoria (Vika) Dobrzynska (middle) and these 4 people (new) will care for the children in Ukraine in the new steering committee and for this we still need your help and support.

These 5 people (left to right) form the new steering committee:

  • Johanna Aellig Alberts, social pedagogue, former director and now board member of a children’s home (was in Ukraine in 2010, in Nikolaiev visiting NBH)
  • , president of the board of a children’s home, webmaster (was in Ukraine several times since 2002)
  • Viktoria Dobrzynska, director of Friends of Svieta Ukraine and main responsible for all works in Ukraine.
  • Judith Fleischli, lawyer, business economist
  • Hans Rudolf Zurfluh, federally certified art therapist (was in Ukraine and in Nikolaiev and NBH in 2019)

  • The association is managed by a co-presidency:

  • Judith Fleischli
  • Thomas Rudolf

  • Here you can read the statutes of the association Friends of Svieta (translated by Google).
    The association Friends of Svieta qualified for tax exemption as certified by the canton Bern.

    It is vital for the orphans in Ukraine that we can continue to send donations from Europe to Ukraine. Since Corona, the Ukrainian state has even less money for the orphanages and for the orphans. Our work is therefore more important than ever.

    Money flow
    We always transfer donations to our responsible person and never directly to Ukrainian orphanages. We work with responsible persons who speak the local languages, know the local conditions and the special circumstances of the children concerned. The responsible person buys tickets for the night train to Kiev and organizes the supporting medical staff as well as the accommodation.
    For larger repairs or reconstructions we work with at least 2 offers for comparison. These offers serve the steering committee in Switzerland as a basis for their decision.

    This way we can make sure that your donations arrive exactly where they are needed and do not get lost in the ‘Ukrainian swamp’.

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    To contact us:

    Friends of Svieta (Switzerland)

    Johanna Aellig Alberts
    Phone +41 78 227 12 84