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LAdS has got a new car

Previous LAdS car was sold successfully. Thanks to generous donations Les Amis de Svieta Ukraine and Vika are motorized again 🙂

New LAdS car is a Mazda 3

Our Mazda is a 2nd hand car that has been sold by a bank. It is two years old and has just 40,000 kilometers.

Further pictures of new car can be seen here.

Trip report fall 2007

Friday October 12th
Pascal is back home in Switzerland.
Pictures and more detailed reports will follow, once Pascal has recovered from this trip.

Our car for this 6,000 miles trip with one of the drivers at the wheel!


There is more than work

The major part of our time during a trip to Ukraine is devoted to visits, to discussions with multiple stake holders and to meetings at building sites. But there are also entertaining moments:

Supper with our Nikolaiev team


The team of LAdS Ukraine

You might not know the Team of ‘Les Amis de Svieta’ (LAdS) in Ukraine, as you didn’t take the time to search the archive on our web site.
Here from right to left: Vika (director of LAdS Ukraine and member of the Swiss steering committee of LAdS), Galina and her daughter Lada.


Future of Ukraine’s AIDS assistance remains uncertain

From Kiyv Post on June 28th 2006
It’s been over two months since the World Bank suspended a $60 million loan to Ukraine to help it check the spread of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the country, and despite the fact that both sides have said they want to restart the assistance, it remains unclear whether this will happen any time soon, if at all…
Full article here

Information about Ukraine (updated)

The Ukraine became an independent republic in 1991 and changed its name to Ukraine (without “the”).