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Olga Ivanovna is scheduled for radiation therapy in Kiev

Updated news January 23rd, 2016 Olga Ivanovna is doing fine and coping well with radiation therapy!


URGENT: Olga Ivanovna, Director of NBH, sick, breast cancer!

Updated news October 1st, 2015 Olga was in Kiev and is back home, tumor size reduced!

Olga Ivanovna, Director of the Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH), has developed cancer and requires urgent treatment. Unfortunately in Ukraine, patients have to pay everything themselves. Public health insurance does not exist and Olga will receive only the treatment she can pay for. If she cannot pay for required medication (chemo therapy), she will not get it. We need donations!

Ukrainian Turmoil, update one year after

On November 30th all Ukrainians have commemorated the events which led to the dramatic changes in the life of the country and its people.

New Year tree on Maydan back in 2013

New Year tree on Maydan back in 2013

Those events (some people call it revolution, others call it putsch) have forever changed Ukraine and Ukrainian people, their views, attitudes and aims; they have had to deal with territorial, political and economic modifications, which not always lead to a better life.

Children’s day at NBH

On June 1st, Ukraine celebrated Children’s Day. It has become a good tradition at NBH to invite sponsors for a concert organized by children.
The atmosphere of the holiday was in the air: nicely decorated concert hall, children in national costumes, presents, songs and dances….

concert hall

concert hall


Vika visiting Switzerland

Vika came to LAdS headquarter in Switzerland for a week. We briefed her on all the planned activities for 2013 and as a treat we sent her to the Swiss mountains for 2 days.

Vika on snowboard

Snowboarding Vika in Swiss Alps

For Ukrainian Vika it was survival training, for her Swiss tourist guide it was pure pleasure.

Trip report spring 2012

Friday May 25th
Mission accomplished 🙂
Our 2 adventurers are back home, dead tired but alive!

Saturday May 19th
Anya brought Pascal and Jerôme to the historical part of the city and guided them to the main places (Golden Gate, St-Sophia, St-Andrey and St-Michael churches).

They went for a short cruise on Dniepr river and ended the day on Kiev’s main street: Kreschatik passing by Independence square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). They were very lucky with weather although forecast was originally pretty bad. Pascal and Jerôme really enjoyed Anya’s professional guide and translator services.

Friday May 18th
Jerôme & Pascal left Nikolaiev and Vika in the morning for Kiev where they have met with Anya who will be their translator for their weekend in the capital city of Ukraine.

"Родина-Мать" or Motherland in Kiev

That 500 Kms trip was quite a challenge for two non Russian speakers 🙂 and although they were stopped once by road police and chose a restaurant which menu was in Russian only, they managed to arrive on schedule and find the flat Vika had reserved for them downtown.

Trip report fall 2011

Sunday November 13th
2011 fall trip is over, Christophe and Pascal landed safely in foggy Switzerland in late afternoon.

Vika's morning special !

After a copious and very tasty breakfast prepared by Vika, we headed to Boryspol airport to fly back to Zürich via Vienna.

Playground in Makiivka

It was 5 years ago when we visited for the first time AIDS/HIV orphanage in Makiivka, in the name of APAEU (Association des Parents Adoptants d’Enfants Ukrainiens) and in the name of LAdS France. Back then we discussed with the management the possibility to set up and pay for an outdoor playground. Mid August of 2009 we contacted the management again and we started this project. Mid October we were able to open not just one, but two playgrounds for the Makiivka children.

Delivery and installation of equipment


LAdS Newsletter 2009

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The Newsletter July 2009 is online!
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Trip report fall 2008

Friday December 5th
Mission completed 🙂
Pascal has been driving from Nikolaiev to Odessa airport from where he is now flying via Prag to Zurich.
Thursday December 4th
Weather today is better, no rain and no fog.
After visiting the Baby House of Kremenchuk, Pascal and Vika are heading back to Nikolaiev, from where Pascal will be flying home to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon.
Wednesday December 3rd
Today it was still overcast, but less fog.
First, Pascal and Vika visited potential suppliers for Vika’s shop in Nikolaiev. Then they were heading for Kremenchuk. Today, as a bonus, it was also raining 🙁