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  1. Trip report fall 2008

    Friday December 5th
    Mission completed 🙂
    Pascal has been driving from Nikolaiev to Odessa airport from where he is now flying via Prag to Zurich.
    Thursday December 4th
    Weather today is better, no rain and no fog.
    After visiting the Baby House of Kremenchuk, Pascal and Vika are heading back to Nikolaiev, from where Pascal will be flying home to Switzerland tomorrow afternoon.
    Wednesday December 3rd
    Today it was still overcast, but less fog.
    First, Pascal and Vika visited potential suppliers for Vika’s shop in Nikolaiev. Then they were heading for Kremenchuk. Today, as a bonus, it was also raining 🙁


  2. Gas burner project at Zeleniy Gay

    Updated news here!
    Last year, we carried out a project to supply well water to the specialized orphanage of Zeleniy Gay (Kharkov region). We made a control visit last April and can state that everything functions in the best way and thanks to this project, the orphanage could save half of operating expenses for fresh water supply.
    This brought orphanage director another idea: consider a similar operation for its two ancient gas-burners (one of which doesn’t even run anymore).

    old gas heating unit for hot water


  3. Trip report fall 2007

    Friday October 12th
    Pascal is back home in Switzerland.
    Pictures and more detailed reports will follow, once Pascal has recovered from this trip.

    Our car for this 6,000 miles trip with one of the drivers at the wheel!


  4. April trip report

    Sunday April 29th
    Flight back via Budapest to Zurich, with a mess in Budapest… 🙄
    Friday April 27th
    The road back to Nikolaiev was full of police controls. Vika always gets along well with police. Other than many kilometers there isn’t much news to report today 🙂 . Ah yes, spring finally seems to arrive to Ukraine!
    Thursday April 26th
    Today, we visited in the name of OBS school internat (boarding school) at Zeleniy Gay and on behalf of LAdS France we visited specialized orphanage ZGO. We decided to finance a new heating system as continuation of the water project.
    Little Vika is recovering well three days after her difficult operation. more

  5. Well water drilling project in Zeleniy Gay is completed

    The well water drilling project in Zeleniy Gay has evolved into a drinking water supply project and is finished now. At the time of our visit last October, the building protecting the intermediate storage tank was in the course of completion.


  6. September/October trip report

    Sunday, October 15th

    Flight back via Munich, where I will stay a week for business. 🙄

    Saturday, October 14th

    We succeeded in finishing the purchase of the Montessori material at the market of Nikolaiev, not without difficulty. The remainder of the day was devoted to the assessment of the voyage and to the accounting.

    Friday, October 13th

    We spent the day trying to resolve the many last open points and to return to the Baby House of Nikolaiev. Great news: director Olga Ivanovna is invited to a series of seminars on health in Germany and Switzerland! Partly thanks to our assistance, she will leave tomorrow for a long trip by bus which will take her among other places also to Zurich, Bern and Geneva!


  7. Donation for Krasnokutsk

    Before the journey in November 2004 we had been tasked by a French family to deliver post to Krasnokutsk (Kharkov Oblast). It was our first visit to this orphanage for children from 4 to 8 years, which is in outstanding condition…


  8. First visit to Internat at Zeleniy Gay

    During the trip to Ukraine in May 2006, we had the possibility to visit the internat at Zeleniy Gay for the first time.


  9. Well water drilling project in Zeleniy Gay

    The drilling project to reach well water at Zeleniy Gay specialized orphanage is now finished.

    Unfortunately, they have now found out that water pressure from the drill/pump is not sufficient to ensure water supply for all floors in all buildings. You can see some images of it here!
    We are thus initiating a second phase to this project and are now evaluating different solutions to alleviate this problem.
    Stay tuned!


  10. Let’s help the HIV positive orphans in Zeleniy Gay!!!

    At the end of 2003, Kharkov local Health Department decided to group in one single location all HIV positive orphans which were dispersed in different clinics all across the district. They choose the site of “Zeleniy
    Gay” specialized orphanage (25 km away from Kharkov city) where an old house (separated from the other buildings) was available.