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  1. Artem goes to Kharkov

    Updated news here!
    Vika travelled by train to Kharkov, with Artem and a nurse. Artem needs his orthopedic problems to be examined at the specialized hospital in Khrarkov. more

  2. Trip to Kharkov

    Vika traveled on the night train with 2 children from NBH and 2 nurses to Kharkov. In Kharkov it was really cold.

    In Kharkov Dmitriy and Nastya were examined at the hospital. The boy needs surgery in 9 months. A special splint was ordered for the girl. This will help make the legs straight without surgery.

    The return trip took almost 17 hours for 560 km and went smoothly.

  3. Trip report spring 2012

    Friday May 25th
    Mission accomplished 🙂
    Our 2 adventurers are back home, dead tired but alive!

    Saturday May 19th
    Anya brought Pascal and Jerôme to the historical part of the city and guided them to the main places (Golden Gate, St-Sophia, St-Andrey and St-Michael churches).

    They went for a short cruise on Dniepr river and ended the day on Kiev’s main street: Kreschatik passing by Independence square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). They were very lucky with weather although forecast was originally pretty bad. Pascal and Jerôme really enjoyed Anya’s professional guide and translator services.

    Friday May 18th
    Jerôme & Pascal left Nikolaiev and Vika in the morning for Kiev where they have met with Anya who will be their translator for their weekend in the capital city of Ukraine.

    That 500 Kms trip was quite a challenge for two non Russian speakers 🙂 and although they were stopped once by road police and chose a restaurant which menu was in Russian only, they managed to arrive on schedule and find the flat Vika had reserved for them downtown. more

  4. Trip report fall 2011

    Sunday November 13th
    2011 fall trip is over, Christophe and Pascal landed safely in foggy Switzerland in late afternoon.

    After a copious and very tasty breakfast prepared by Vika, we headed to Boryspol airport to fly back to Zürich via Vienna. more

  5. Bathroom refurbishment at ZGO

    LAdS France continues to support Zeleniy Gay Baby House (ZGO). This time, it’s about making a bathroom for hydrotherapy treatment.

    Work is going on well
  6. Rosa is 3 months old

    Rosa celebrated her 3 months birthday. Galina went to visit the family in their home and brought them presents.

  7. Natasha’s family has found a flat

    On Monday August 16th, Natasha, Rosa and Liocha moved into their 1 room flat, that Galina (Galya) managed to find for them.

    Liocha in entrance hall

    It has not been easy, but Galya was able to organize official registration of Natasha with her new born child Rosa and to find a nice little flat not far from Natasha’s school. more
  8. A baby is born

    Today July 13th around 9 o’clock in the morngin in the city of Lyubotyn, Natasha gave birth to Rosa, 2.9 kg and 53 centimeters. Mother and daughter are doing well, although suffering from heatwave in Eastern Ukraine. Rosa is Cancer and is born on the year of the Tiger (chinese zodiacal sign).
    We wish her and her parents all the best and are very proud to be her godparents. Only to a little extent of course 😉


  9. Natasha’s family

    On May 21st Pascal and Vika visited the sponsorship program at Zeleniy Gay boarding school for teenagers and were introduced to Natasha (Nataliya Yulievna), a 17 year old student, learning floristic skills. As it happens in life, Natasha is pregnant from Liocha (Alexey Evgenievych) and will give birth to a baby girl soon.

    Natasha and Liocha
  10. Sponsoring at Zeleniy Gay boarding school

    We have started to participate in a sponsorship program at Zeleniy Gay boarding school for teenagers that need a professional education, after they leave state sponsored boarding school.